What happens when you mess with a black belt karate all-star

What happens when you mess with a black belt karate all-star

I WANT MY kids to learn karate. I never had the chance to do it myself (I was too scared to be flipped over on a mat by a sensei), but I hear it works wonders in teaching people the art of discipline, and self-defense. The Japanese got a lot right in terms of lifestyle choices (light and healthy diet, simplified zen living quarters, technological advancements, etc.) so it only makes sense that this karate student would literally kick ass in this video.

Most people think this video is staged; I tend to agree with them, but at the same time, it is still pretty cool to see someone smaller than myself beat the crap out of a grown man (I don’t speculate that the karate student is a child; the average height of a Japanese woman is 5’2″ so it very well could have been a teenager, or a very small adult).

The danger however, is in wondering whether or not this scenario is truly realistic. I’ve taken self defense classes before, but the techniques did not keep me from losing to an attacker on a train ride home from New York City. Maybe with years of practice I could have defended myself better, but it does make me wonder — if this attacker had put up more of a fight, would his victim have succeeded in the same way?

Watch the video: BLACK BELT PUTS ME IN AN ARM BAR WHILE IN CUFFS! (November 2020).